Five Finger Frank

Five Finger Frank

The Search for Five Finger Frank
Pete Coe & Alice Jones


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Track listing

Disc 1:
One Summer’s Morning
The Swans Swim So Bonny
The Death of Bill Brown
The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter
The Kirkgate Hornpipes
Captain Glen
The Sprig of Thyme
The Highwayman Outwitted
Turpin Hero
Shule Agra
Outward Bound
My True Love Once He Courted Me
Come Ashore Jolly Tar
Scarborough Fair

Disc 2:
Hares in the Old Plantation
Young Riley the Fisherman
All on Spurn Point
Bonny Light Horseman
The Bonny Bunch of Roses O
I Designed to Say No
The Trip to Knaresborough The Ball
One Moonlit Night
The Bold Princess Royal
Young Banker
The Deserter
The Leeds Polka