Happy Festive Season to all my fans, friends, and admirers

I can’t believe that we’re now into December of 2018. It’s been a lovely year for me, thanks to all the clubs, festivals, and organisers who have booked me, and all the people who’ve come to see me perform over the year. Thank you all.

I’m now taking a break from touring over winter, and will be back on the road in Spring 2019. You can click HERE to find out where I’m performing, I’ll keep it updated as I get the confirmations. Big on my radar is “The Road to Peterloo” with Brian Peters and Laura Smythe – click HERE for more information – which has already brought several bookings in concerts and festivals in the bicentennial year.

If you’re around in the West Yorkshire region over the next month, I’ll be playing my part in Ryburn 3 Step’s seasonal events:

R3S Christmas Party on 19th December;

The Grand New Year Dance on 31st December

And the Long Company Mummers on 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th January.

Just click on each to find out more.

Happy Christmas,